No place like home.


These photos are from a mountain range in the Western Carpathians in Slovakia, called Malá Fatra.  The photographs are taken specifically from the mountains Veľký Rozsutec (1,610 m) and Malý Rozsutec (1,343 m). 

The quality of these photos isn’t very good because they weren’t taken with a camera but an older iPhone but I still couldn’t resist posting these. Veľký Rozsutec is considered one of the most beautiful mountains in Slovakia and is indeed breathtaking. It is home to many endangered species of animals and plants and the view it offers from the peak is worth the few hours long ascent. In one of the photos I am standing looking at the other mountains that are visible from the top of Veľký Rozsutec. The photograph of the mountain only is a photograph of Veľký Rozsutec and the view into the valley is taken from the mountain Malý Rozsutec.

Only when I was seventeen years old I found out how enjoyable it was to go hiking in my home country. I always loved the nature and mountains we had but could never get the full experience as I have during hikes such as these.


Enchanting winter.


I took these photos in Slovakia, specifically in Liptovsky Mikulas . Winter being my favourite season and time of the year made this place an absolute paradise for me. 

Every branch was covered in frost and snow. The red Rose Hips created a beautiful contrast with the white surroundings and huge bushes like these everywhere around the pavement caught my attention. The otherwise ordinary small city was now magical to me and waiting for the train to arrive was much more enjoyable. 


I took this photograph in Bratislava, Slovakia. It was a beautiful spring day. Plants were flowering and the sun was finally breaking through clouds, which hung around for the past few days.

I processed this photograph with VSCO cam (an app) on my phone. I decided to highlight the vibrant colours from the sunshine. The orange – pink colour blended in nicely with the colours of the flowers.

The colours are very warm and the green leaves implement a very positive, fresh and energetic mood, which is why I named the photograph “Home”. I perceive a home as a cosy, warm place. This photograph resembled such an environment when I was editing it. 

Sole place.

I took this photo whilst a skiing trip in Austria. A few days before it snowed in the mountains it was utterly beautiful.

This place caught my attention because it gave me a sense of peace and that it is very solitary but in a good way. I love snow and the scenery was relaxing because it was everywhere around and on this photograph there is basically nothing else. It is a simple photograph and with the blue-grey colour it adds to a sense of loneliness, some kind of isolation, which is relaxing.


I took this photograph near the river Danube in Bratislava, Slovakia whilst the sun was setting. 

Firstly the reflection of the sunset on the river caught my attention but then I saw the sun rays reflect from the building’s windows. When I looked at the photograph I thought of all the people who finished working, got home, made themselves dinner and had a bit of time for themselves. A day ending. For some people a hard or sad day, for some good or happy or for some just a typical day. On the photograph I also really like the contrasting bright orange-yellow and the darker part of the building.

Serene wilderness.

 Last week I was in the High Tatras, in Slovakia. This photo was taken by me on a tour I did that day, which took more than seven hours overall. This was on the way up, going towards ‘Velke Hincovo pleso’, (a mountain lake).

There were small waterfalls accompanying us during our tour. They were very cold, so it was refreshing to spray a bit of water on your face before continuing. Waterfalls are very powerful but in the environment we were in, the waterfall created a very beautiful, relaxing atmosphere.

I edited this photo by enhancing the green colour in the photograph a little bit and I also improved/increased the structure of the photo in order to make the water falling off the rocks stand out more.

Serene wilderness


Vibrant and abstract nature.

I took this photo in Cambridge, England. Walking around one of their colleges I stumbled upon very untraditional looking flowers.

Their unique, spiky, red look took my attention right away when I looked at the wall they grew on. These flowers were different from most of the flowers I have seen in Cambridge and looked much more exotic than I would expect for a flower to look like in that area. The bold colour of the flower made it stand out a lot even though it was not very big.

This is why I decided to edit the photograph in this way. Even though you can now not see much of the actual look of the flower and it’s structure, the colours stand out a lot. This more abstract style of the photograph focuses the attention on the combination of red and green, which is exactly what caught my attention looking at the flower in real life.

Abstract red flowers.

My Winter Wonderland.

I have taken this photograph back in winter in Bratislava – Slovakia. I was on my way from school and throughout the day it snowed so beautifully I couldn’t concentrate in school because I was hypnotized by the stunning snowflakes falling to the ground.

Winter is my favorite season. I love everything about it. The cold, the mood, the snow, the dark cosy evenings, hot beverages and time of Christmas. Christmas may seem pathetic to some people, my teacher in fact hates it but I love it. He says ‘What used to be Christmas about and what is it about now?’. However, it is after all so much about love and time spent with your close friends, relatives or loved ones. Winter is a magnificent, romantic time of the year and I love it.

I remember that when I was younger the first snow used to fall in November whilst now, probably due to global warming the winters are much warmer. The first snow sometime does not come until early January and temperatures of -15 are no more common as they used to be.

On this photo I have not added any filters as the snow itself makes it magical. I have many photos of snowy landscapes which may be even more appealing but I like this one because I remember how pleased I was when I saw it after walking out of school.

Snowy street.

A different perspective.


The mounatins you can see in this photograph are in Malá Fatra, Slovakia which is where I was on a trip quite a while ago.

The morning I took the photo I woke up extremely early and so had a lot of time to observe the surroudings until the rest of my friends woke up. When I finfished editing this photo I did not plan on sharing it because I usually do not like this way of editing photographs because it completely changed the colours which where originally on the photo. Also, it looks very fake to be honest. But then i realized, that before it looked very grey and depressing whilst now, it is vibrant and easily noticable. The rainbow above the mountain on the right is why I decided to capture that scenery and now it seems unimportant on the photograph. I was thinking about how a small change like colour changed the whole photograph and so I decided to share this. 



The hidden beauty.

This is another photo of a peacock I took in Austria. The place where the photo was shot is called Schloss-hof which is just where I took the photo of the other peacock.


After i saw the other peacock (rejected beauty) I went further, into another part of the gardens. I almost passed this one without even noticing it because originally on the photo you could see how it is only resting on some kind of a metal fence which was placed against a brick wall. The wall was surrounding a coop where the biggest attraction were beautiful hens and roosters. This peacock was there, keeping its immense feathers under control and resting on the fence, looking down on the other birds. It seemed to me like it felt like it did not need to show off its beauty because it was not feeling endangered by the other birds, as if it did not need to prove anything to them. It was hiding it away from them.


On this photo I love the contrast between the bird and the rest of the photograph. As I also did on the previous photo of a peacock, I decided to make the peacock the main target of the photo and put the background aside as I did not find it important, wanting the peacock to really stand out even though its feathers were resting under it this time. But still, I just  find something amazing about this animal, even when you cannot see the feathers properly.

The peacock escaping us
The hidden beauty.

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