The power of Ocean and the Man’s walk.

I took this photograph in Marbella. It enhances the power of water and shows how small we are compared to only this small part of the ocean.

It was taken in the afternoon and the person was probably taking a walk along the beach after a long day. Maybe it was his every-day ritual, maybe he was a tourist… who knows…

On this photo I love the contrasts. The vastly ocean and the person, so small against it. The dark side is the beach and the man, the ocean is light. The ocean is so huge but shows hope at the same time. As if it was hope for the man. These are meanings that may not be true but the way the photograph captured the moment made it look like it. 

The power of ocean


2 thoughts on “The power of Ocean and the Man’s walk.

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  1. Absolutely love this! The juxtaposition between the vast body of water and the man walking by is amazing. It shatters the very notion of human supremacy and an anthropocentric world view. Love it!

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