The rejected beauty.

This is a photo of a peacock I took in Austria. The place were the photo was shot is called Schloss-hof.

Why did I put the word rejected into the title? This beautiful animal was behind a fence with chickens and goats and pigeons. When I came near this place I was surprised because it somehow did not fit together with the others. It was protecting itself, trying to show off at that moment and  so it “opened” it’s feathers out for the chickens and other animals to see. It was making expoctorating sounds and was turning away from the animals. All of them seemed to be in small flocks or herds but this peacock was there alone, being rejected by them…. or it just did not want to get close to them. It was the only peacock there. 

Also, I love all the colours in this picture even though it was a white peacock. There is a hint of blue, white, orange, brown etc.

In Austria, Schloss-hof

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