Paradise across the ocean.

I took this photo in Marbella Spain in the afternoon. From the place where I stood you could see Africa. The hills were visible on the left from the ones on the photograph. 

The boat you can see is an attraction for tourists who can go on a small trip on it with some small pirate-scenes that people show them on the boat. I was standing on the balcony for quite a while until I managed to capture a bird flying across because I thought it would bring some life into the photograph. I love how calm it looks. It turned out very nice because when you are looking at it in real life, the sun does not allow you to look at the view as well as you can look at it through a photograph. Also, when I looked forward, the place looked like paradise because of the sun setting behind, it was as if something was waiting there, full of life, calling the birds. 

Looking at this photograph I can hear the quiet sounds of the ocean.

Paradise waiting across the ocean.
Paradise waiting across the ocean.



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