Forbidden contact.

On the trip we took in the Dominican Republic further into the country we also saw how the locals live. I absolutely love it because usually, on vacation all the places look very similar. There is an ocean or a sea, a beach and a few palm trees planted near the resort which cooks international food and rarely also their countries specials. Taking a trip with a truck we got to destinations we would not be able to get to normally and have discovered much more about the culture of the locals and their social and economic situation.


This particular photo is capturing a local boy with flowers in his hands. They were for us, for the tourists. Families in this region had other than other, also financial problems and apparently, the aim of this child was to give us flowers hoping for money. The director of the trip forbid us to take them from him or other children, because the truck was high and even though there were no windows, and so we could easily reach the flowers if  we would have tried, we could not. Their reasoning was, that they could get hurt because they would not be seen by the truck and could get hit. Eventually, the boy came up to our truck, smiling and walking along with us moving further down the road with his friends also holding flowers. One tourist could not resist the boy and tried to reach the flower. She could not but the boy threw her the flower. He could not possibly think he would get money for the flower because we were already moving too fast.

Our truck moved away and the boy stayed behind. Smiling. Waving to us. It felt almost ridiculous how much the director did not want us to take anything from them. I understand that they could get hurt but they told us not to even wave back because apparently, then, they might think we want something. Yet maybe they just wanted to welcome us. Or I might be too naive.

A local boy in the Dominican Republic.
A local boy in the Dominican Republic.

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