The hidden beauty.

This is another photo of a peacock I took in Austria. The place where the photo was shot is called Schloss-hof which is just where I took the photo of the other peacock.


After i saw the other peacock (rejected beauty) I went further, into another part of the gardens. I almost passed this one without even noticing it because originally on the photo you could see how it is only resting on some kind of a metal fence which was placed against a brick wall. The wall was surrounding a coop where the biggest attraction were beautiful hens and roosters. This peacock was there, keeping its immense feathers under control and resting on the fence, looking down on the other birds. It seemed to me like it felt like it did not need to show off its beauty because it was not feeling endangered by the other birds, as if it did not need to prove anything to them. It was hiding it away from them.


On this photo I love the contrast between the bird and the rest of the photograph. As I also did on the previous photo of a peacock, I decided to make the peacock the main target of the photo and put the background aside as I did not find it important, wanting the peacock to really stand out even though its feathers were resting under it this time. But still, I just  find something amazing about this animal, even when you cannot see the feathers properly.

The peacock escaping us
The hidden beauty.

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