A different perspective.


The mounatins you can see in this photograph are in Malá Fatra, Slovakia which is where I was on a trip quite a while ago.

The morning I took the photo I woke up extremely early and so had a lot of time to observe the surroudings until the rest of my friends woke up. When I finfished editing this photo I did not plan on sharing it because I usually do not like this way of editing photographs because it completely changed the colours which where originally on the photo. Also, it looks very fake to be honest. But then i realized, that before it looked very grey and depressing whilst now, it is vibrant and easily noticable. The rainbow above the mountain on the right is why I decided to capture that scenery and now it seems unimportant on the photograph. I was thinking about how a small change like colour changed the whole photograph and so I decided to share this. 




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