My Winter Wonderland.

I have taken this photograph back in winter in Bratislava – Slovakia. I was on my way from school and throughout the day it snowed so beautifully I couldn’t concentrate in school because I was hypnotized by the stunning snowflakes falling to the ground.

Winter is my favorite season. I love everything about it. The cold, the mood, the snow, the dark cosy evenings, hot beverages and time of Christmas. Christmas may seem pathetic to some people, my teacher in fact hates it but I love it. He says ‘What used to be Christmas about and what is it about now?’. However, it is after all so much about love and time spent with your close friends, relatives or loved ones. Winter is a magnificent, romantic time of the year and I love it.

I remember that when I was younger the first snow used to fall in November whilst now, probably due to global warming the winters are much warmer. The first snow sometime does not come until early January and temperatures of -15 are no more common as they used to be.

On this photo I have not added any filters as the snow itself makes it magical. I have many photos of snowy landscapes which may be even more appealing but I like this one because I remember how pleased I was when I saw it after walking out of school.

Snowy street.


4 thoughts on “My Winter Wonderland.

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  1. I like winter too… I’m particularly fond of the beautiful filigree patterns the naked tree branches make against a wintry twilight sky.
    This is a magical photograph!

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