The hidden beauty.

This is another photo of a peacock I took in Austria. The place where the photo was shot is called Schloss-hof which is just where I took the photo of the other peacock.


After i saw the other peacock (rejected beauty) I went further, into another part of the gardens. I almost passed this one without even noticing it because originally on the photo you could see how it is only resting on some kind of a metal fence which was placed against a brick wall. The wall was surrounding a coop where the biggest attraction were beautiful hens and roosters. This peacock was there, keeping its immense feathers under control and resting on the fence, looking down on the other birds. It seemed to me like it felt like it did not need to show off its beauty because it was not feeling endangered by the other birds, as if it did not need to prove anything to them. It was hiding it away from them.


On this photo I love the contrast between the bird and the rest of the photograph. As I also did on the previous photo of a peacock, I decided to make the peacock the main target of the photo and put the background aside as I did not find it important, wanting the peacock to really stand out even though its feathers were resting under it this time. But still, I just  find something amazing about this animal, even when you cannot see the feathers properly.

The peacock escaping us
The hidden beauty.

What could be gone forever, you can keep forever.

“You must know with intuition when to click the camera. That is the moment a photographer is creative. The moment! Once you miss it. It is gone, forever.”

– Henri Carter-Bresson


You capture the moment. Forever. If not, it’s gone. A photograph can take it with you anywhere. Anytime. I love that.

Forbidden contact.

On the trip we took in the Dominican Republic further into the country we also saw how the locals live. I absolutely love it because usually, on vacation all the places look very similar. There is an ocean or a sea, a beach and a few palm trees planted near the resort which cooks international food and rarely also their countries specials. Taking a trip with a truck we got to destinations we would not be able to get to normally and have discovered much more about the culture of the locals and their social and economic situation.


This particular photo is capturing a local boy with flowers in his hands. They were for us, for the tourists. Families in this region had other than other, also financial problems and apparently, the aim of this child was to give us flowers hoping for money. The director of the trip forbid us to take them from him or other children, because the truck was high and even though there were no windows, and so we could easily reach the flowers if  we would have tried, we could not. Their reasoning was, that they could get hurt because they would not be seen by the truck and could get hit. Eventually, the boy came up to our truck, smiling and walking along with us moving further down the road with his friends also holding flowers. One tourist could not resist the boy and tried to reach the flower. She could not but the boy threw her the flower. He could not possibly think he would get money for the flower because we were already moving too fast.

Our truck moved away and the boy stayed behind. Smiling. Waving to us. It felt almost ridiculous how much the director did not want us to take anything from them. I understand that they could get hurt but they told us not to even wave back because apparently, then, they might think we want something. Yet maybe they just wanted to welcome us. Or I might be too naive.

A local boy in the Dominican Republic.
A local boy in the Dominican Republic.

I took this photo in Marbella Spain in the afternoon. From the place where I stood you could see Africa. The hills were visible on the left from the ones on the photograph. 

The boat you can see is an attraction for tourists who can go on a small trip on it with some small pirate-scenes that people show them on the boat. I was standing on the balcony for quite a while until I managed to capture a bird flying across because I thought it would bring some life into the photograph. I love how calm it looks. It turned out very nice because when you are looking at it in real life, the sun does not allow you to look at the view as well as you can look at it through a photograph. Also, when I looked forward, the place looked like paradise because of the sun setting behind, it was as if something was waiting there, full of life, calling the birds. 

Looking at this photograph I can hear the quiet sounds of the ocean.

Paradise waiting across the ocean.
Paradise waiting across the ocean.


I took this photo in the Dominican Republic on the beach Punta Cana. It is the sunrise, I woke up specially because of it which wasn’t too hard because of the time zones…

When I came to the beach with my sister I did not regret coming. It was beautiful in reality as well as looking at it through the camera. I don’t know which I enjoyed more. Another positive of coming to the beach so soon was, that there weren’t almost any people, which made it easier to take a photo of the sunset as I aimed to take a photo without people on it.

When I finished editing the photograph I put a much more vibrant effect than there is now. Then I tried this one, I really liked the soft colours compared to the strong ones with the other effect even though these colours are very bright too. It made the photography look much more calm and peaceful. I thought this made sense because all the energy is just coming out, helping us start a new day, a new start with new memories and adventures. 

Sunrise in the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana
Sunrise in the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana

I took this photo a week ago in Austria-Stegersbach. I went for a little walk into a forest near all the hotels in the afternoon. I hope that it will stay there for a long time and will not be replaced by more buildings as a part of it has already been replaced. 

The photograph is called “The Change” because on the left side you can see what the forest looked like originally. Those are the trees that grew there naturally. On the right side there are trees planted by people in (approximately) the 70s/80s when the idea of a perfect/organized nature was spreading. You can really see what they wanted to achieve because all the trees were in rows and the length between them was also the same. 

I added the effect of the focus in the middle because I wanted people to look straight at that point when looking at the photo.

Two different forests in the same forest.
Two different forests in the same forest.


This is a photo during the sun-set of an amazing cloud. I took this photo from an airplane, on the airport

Clouds are very often what people take photographs of, but I think that this cloud is different. There is only one, it is humongous and is touched by the beautiful colours thanks to the sun. I couldn’t resist to take a photo of it.

There is a contrast in this photo. The ground is already very dark but the sky is bright with all sorts of colours. Also, clouds are often talked about as waste, but I think that in this photo, you can see the glorious victory of vapour. Clouds can also be beautiful, not only be waste. 

Cloud at sunset

This is a photo of a peacock I took in Austria. The place were the photo was shot is called Schloss-hof.

Why did I put the word rejected into the title? This beautiful animal was behind a fence with chickens and goats and pigeons. When I came near this place I was surprised because it somehow did not fit together with the others. It was protecting itself, trying to show off at that moment and  so it “opened” it’s feathers out for the chickens and other animals to see. It was making expoctorating sounds and was turning away from the animals. All of them seemed to be in small flocks or herds but this peacock was there alone, being rejected by them…. or it just did not want to get close to them. It was the only peacock there. 

Also, I love all the colours in this picture even though it was a white peacock. There is a hint of blue, white, orange, brown etc.

In Austria, Schloss-hof

The language of photography

“Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world”

– Bruno Barbey

This is a quote  I always say when people start arguing about what the “global/world’s language” is.

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